Vastu Consultant

Vastu Shastra is one of the most valued teaching of ancient India’s architecture. Dealing with the science of architecture, it explains how a building should be planned to develop positive energy around us in our lives.
It describes the principle of design, layouts, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. It is nothing but living in euphony with the nature. It suggests of taking proper sunlight, fresh air, space required to attain life harmony, health, hygiene, positive energy and preventing negative energy.

Vastu is a science of uniting the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) to balance them with Man and Material so as to ensure paving a way for enlightenment, happiness and prosperity. It is a science of balancing building with law of nature which is based on researches, instruments and case studies. It is also known as science of architecture.

Who is a vastu consultant?

A professional in architecture with the knowledge of vastu Shastra can be a vastu consultant. They provide very single details about the architecture of a building based on his/her vastu knowledge. Vastu consultant knows about the secret of five elements and their special characteristics and influences and suitably plans and constructs the buildings.

They provide you the consultation on Vastu Consultancy Services, Vastu Direction, Vastu Tip, Vastu Facing, etc. They integrate latest technologies with traditional wisdom and provide services for commercial, residential, spiritual and educational projects.

Their scientific logics & explanations about how to deal with these five elements make them distinct from other commercial architectural consultants. Vastu consultants primarily instruct how to maintain the best balance of the five elements in a building and to make best use of their effects to energize the metal & physical energies of the residents.

So preserve the positive aura around your house and live a life with peace and harmony using the help of vastu consultants in construction of your building.