Pranic Healing

In our today’s hectic life schedule, we are busy earning money and spending that hard-earned money on the luxuries of modern life. While spending high for comfort and pleasure we forget that actual luxury comes when we are healthy and full of energy from within. Without being healthy and energetic we can’t fully enjoy anything. We all have a energy field around us, called aura that looks like a luminous ball of light which keeps our body and mind healthy and alive.

There are many factors in life that may disturb us like stress, fear, loneliness, frustrations that makes this aura dimmer and can be a reason for psychological, physical and mental illness. We need to maintain this aura in our life and for this what is suggested is Pranic Healing.

What is Pranic healing?

Claimed to be energy healing system, it explains that prana also called energy can heal the ailments in a body through person’s energy field. It is like acupuncture and yoga that treats “energy body or soul” which in turn affects the physical body. This invisible energy keeps the body alive and maintains its good health. It is simple yet powerful technique with no physical touching and no drugs usage.

The basic principle is that a body is sufficient in self-repair, and has the power of healing itself. This life force is all around us in form of land, sun, air and can address physical and emotional imbalance. Here the practitioner works on the energy body and not on the physical body, and this energy body or aura interpenetrates the physical body giving it a healthy state.

Supported by many researchers, once we have a bright and balanced life aura, our physical and mental health is never going to be dull again.