Matching Kundali

It is said that planets and celestial bodies have deep impact in our lives. Right from the birth till death, it is believed that it is the motion of the planets that affect our lives every moment. And to understand these impacts, the astrologers frame a Kundali of every person. Kundali is the astrological chart of life, which is made by some priest at the time of someone’s birth on the basis of birth date, time and place of the birth. Kundali has a very important role in lives of Indians and it becomes more important at the time of marriage.

You might have been friends with couple who just are made for each other, or some who think that their marriage is not working right. Sometimes you just drew towards someone and sometime you just starting hate someone. It’s all about the stars in your kundali that plays with all your life matters.

Before marriage or to be specific arrange marriage, the Kundali of boy and girl is matched to find out the compatibility between the two. The families consult the astrologer for matching kundali of boy and girl. While matching, the placement of moon in both kundalies is considered and points are given for various descriptions.

The points for kundali matching are given from total of 36, and minimum points for a match to be fair are 18. Below 18 points it is not considered a good match and it is also called as Guna Milan.

It is considered that because of kundali matching in India the divorce rate as compared to other countries are much low. In case of love marriage where the kundali is not matched usually, the divorce rate is high. Even in that case you can match the kundali later to find out the incompatibility issues and remedial actions can be taken.

Through kundali matching, Vedic astrology has given us a very useful tool to start our new phase of life called marriage.