Aura Scanning & Chakra

Every living being on earth radiate a field of energy called aura. Every individual emits a radiation from his or her body in form of a rainbow colours. This radiation or aura depends on an individual’s psyche, upbringing, genes, emotions, relationships, success and many more things.

You might have seen some luminous halo around the paintings of god and saints; these are just the visible expansion of the aura, the divine and spiritual power of those highly energized personas.

Humans have seven main centers in their body that generates energy which are referred to as chakra. These chakras can be balanced through meditation, yoga, and exercises. Chakras are the mainstays of our spirit and they spin like whirlwind and emerge colors.

Due to major changes in an individual’s life whether due to emotions, physical or mental stress, spiritual state; these chakras can be increased or decreased in size, resonance and frequency. With the advancement of technology and science, now it is possible to view these invisible chakras and scan them to detect their position and check where your energies reside.

These energy fields are interpreted in the analysis and provide perfect evaluation of material and spiritual status of an individual. A typical aura scanning and chakra test can show the current alignment of your seven chakras, flow of balanced and unbalanced energy in all chakras, interpreting positive and negative energy in chakras, internal organs affected by any chakras, directions, planets and position of each chakras.

Every chakra has an energy color associated with it and affects that particular organ in your body.

These energies are unique and are absolutely transparent for human being in terms of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes once these aura scanning and chakras tests are done.